Fulvic Acid Chelated

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Fulvic acid with Te:

Fulvic acis with Te is extracted from humic acid. With excellent water solubility and high loading capacity and physiology activity. It is applied in landscape and garden as well as for all agricultural and horticultural plants.


Packaging: 25Kgs bag



For Plant

  • Stimulate plant growth
  • Promote root development
  • Stimulates seed germination.
  • Enhance the absorption of trace elements.
  • Improve nutrient uptake through the leaves and roots
  • Improve the effectiveness of pesticides
  • With lower molecular weight and high biological activity,Improve nutrient uptake of plant。

For Soil

  • Soil conditioner. Improve the soil structure
  • Fertilizer efficiency promoter.
  • Reduce nutrient loss.
  • Increase microbiological activity of soil
  • Increase capacities of water holding and cation exchange
  • Reduce pesticide residue
  • Prevents soil from contamination of heavy metallic ions
  • Enhance soil ability of Anti-hard water



Used as multi-functional compound fertilizer, combined with Nitrogen and Phosphorus, Mainly used as basal fertilizer, top dressing, seed fertilizer, and foliar fertilizer.

Soil Application: 5-7 Kg / Ha / time, 2-3 times during seedling stage and growth stage.

Foliar Application: 2-4 Kg / Ha / time, 2-3 times during seedling stage and growth stage.

It can be mixed with most nutrient solutions and pesticides. Nevertheless make a miscibility test before first application.

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